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Bruen and New Jersey

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Went to the latest Nappen seminar tonight. Official title of it was, "Supreme Court, NYSRPA v. Bruen: How It Impacts Your State's Gun Laws". I'll give you the bad news first. NJ is bent on taking liberties with the most extreme gun laws in the nation. Some state goes off the deep end, Murphy thinks it's his job to top it. So tomorrow, Thursday, October 13 he will hold a news conference at noon to expand carry restrictions. Details are not fully available yet. ANJRPC will have them on their site later in the day. Here's what I have:

More "sensitive" places.
No carry on property you don't own without the property owner's expressed permission. Private or commercial.
Changes to application process.
Hefty, and I mean really hefty, fee increase.
Insurance and proof of insurance.
No carry in a vehicle.
Training requirements increased.

That's all I know right now about that. There will be immediate legal challenges as soon as these are inacted. Justice Thomas in his majority opinion called 2A restrictions civil rights violations. That's a federal crime. Government individuals can be held responsible for civil rights violations. Even judges. That's all about that until the news conference. They are trying to create obstacles to nullify Bruen. There are other things that came up. I'll post them later. Let this soak in.
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Isn't the exemption basis for discrimination lawsuit? You can carry, I can't. You can have 15rnd mag, I can't. ??

Why would the dumbs of NJ think a RPO is any better than a normal NJ resident?

This BS has to stop.
Hopefully if The citizens of NJ as well as the citizens of the rest of the country can manage to grow a pair, at least in the figurative sense. This can be achieved. However, as Alexis DeTocqville noted in Democracy in America back in the 1840s When governance by the people was still considered to be an experimental and novel form of governance. Among other insightful comments that he made. There are several that stand out. One of which appears to be particularly succinct today. This being that this republic will survive up to the point at which it's leaders discover that they can bribe the voters with their own tax money.
Anything to chase the votes. It is not like any of these people have any moral principle.
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Agreed. First the commies had 12 sensitive places, now, it’s 25?? That’s why I would like to see the “pro 2A” legislators be a little more, no a lot more pro active here, and submit suggested addendums to 4769/3214, that once anyone obtains their ‘so called’ license to carry, they no longer are required to obtain a separate handgun purchase permit because of its redundancy.
It kind of sounds like a legal game of Whack a mole. They are setting it up to where even if you get a permit. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then you are just screwed by design. I fail to see where this could undergo any kind of legitimate legal scrutiny and still be in place. You effectively have the legislature criminalizing people who are not really committing any sort of definable crime.
These people are really grasping at straws at this point. And it just has to make you wonder what it is that they are so afraid of? What is the extent of their criminal activity to which they fear an armed populace?
Yep they just got handed their collective butts on a number of accounts. Keep the pressure up people!

I listened to the entire hearing. ’ making the sausage’ as they say ain’t pretty.
it’s just amazing how these people lie and perpetuate Their false ’facts’.
Off hand I would have to say that these people clearly have an agenda. And it is not difficult to see that their agenda does not allow for an armed populace. So you really have to wonder what their end game is?
This is why "you" provide no feedback to their BS. Let the unconstitutional BS pass and then get it struck down by the courts. This makes it much harder for the State to redo it.

If it does not pass and it goes rounds of "fixing", and then later passes, that makes it much harder to kill in the courts.

When the tards at ATF ask for feedback on their BS rule changes, DO NOT PROVIDE ANY FEEDBACK. They will then craft stupid crap and it will then be much easier to kill in the courts.
As long as you have the wherewithal to challenge this stuff.
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Just got a heads up on a PM about recent changes in the range qual for the PTC. Anybody recently run into some ridiculous scoring with regards to 25 yards?
Just the whole idea that they can arbitrarily come up with these requirements put in place, the sole purpose of which is to deny people access to a fundamental right. This is both lunacy and criminal at the same time. Just because someone holds a public office. This does automatically confer expertise on them for any subject.
After reading through it; it sounds ok ( I’m no lawyer), but somewhere I wish it more clearly stated that once anyone who is not a prohibited person SHALL be issued their PTC. To be more consistent with other states, ie Pennsylvania. I think qualification with each firearm could’ve been brought in when he reviewed the prohibitive fee increases.

What do you gents think?

Wondering how long a judge will sit on this also??
How long a judge might sit on it does not really bother me nearly as much as how long this dog and pony show has been allowed to go on already. And I do not even live in the Garden State. I know that I am preaching to the choir here but what an outrage! Has the NRA been shouldering any of the load on this?
Most of it is the ANJRPC. Murphy did his little end zone dance on TV Celebrating. It would’ve been nice if the NRA, ANJRPC + GOP did their own press conference sort of thing, stating how unconstitutional the entire mess is And how it is already being challenged in court.
As I suspected. The NRA needs to take a bigger role in these single State issues. That is where all of the battles are being fought. The Demonics are on to the idea that nationwide they cannot rule, at least to date. So they are concentrating all of their efforts on Statewide fights. I am going to have to send a few more nastygrams to Wapples mill road. Other issues aside all of us here have put a lot of blood sweat and tears, not to mention money into the NRA for a century and a half. They need to get on the ball.
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I wish I had the time to go sit in the court room for these proceedings.
Me two!
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When no loaded firearms on school grounds law went into affect in AZ (eg; if you drop your kid off and have a firearm, it has to be fully unloaded). The issue with that is, it is monumentally more risky to handle the firearm loading and unloading, just like it is the takeoff and landing of an airplane, so in reality, the idiots in AZ permit that risk as parents do unloading just before getting to the school to be legal to drop the kid off (and many do it while driving), and then load again as they leave, making the whole process way more risky for everyone! Imagine unloading and loading con-1 1911 while driving.

But, it all makes sense when idiots are behind the pen.
This taken on the face of it makes a pretty real compulsion for responsible gun owners to elect not to carry at all. Looks to me by design. In other words they think that they are being slick. Hopefully this will come back to bite them in the backside.
So, do we finally have some crafty lawyers that can beat the commies at their own game?

Next is, it all needs to go away, not just parts. Like I mentioned many times, the tactic appears to be, make a bunch of BS law, wait for the shake-out in the courts, see what sticks. Every item that sticks is that inch they take, etc.
If you think that these animals will ever go away Kid, then I have a bridge to sell you. This war will be going on long after you and I are gone (hopefully). Best outcome is to keep them at bay forever. But that will require a commitment for that duration as well. Let us hope that we are equal to the task.
Beaches and casinos. But many other things were sticky.
It's the sticky game, and I don't like it.
One just has to imagine that slime creatures in general would just as soon continue to have things as sticky as possible. Just sayin.
Yeah, there's going to be a lull in the action until the next hearing is scheduled. GFH said the state wants more time to dig up some historic facts to back up their argument. Judge Bumb will tell them to produce them or go with what they have. They will stall it until she's had enough.
Jerk the judge around, now there is a sound tactic.
Even the judge is subject to the rules of the court in that locale. I suspect the anti's will exploit that fact as much as they can.
You can bet on that!

February 14, 2023. In a desperate effort to end the injunction currently blocking the carry-killer law, the State of New Jersey yesterday filed a flurry of papers opposing continued suspension of the law for the duration of the case and opposing the imposition of a new injunction on additional unconstitutional provisions of the law. A great deal of those papers make legally irrelevant arguments that are precluded by both the Bruen and Heller decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. The arguments that are not legally irrelevant are a stretch and represent an uphill fight for the state.

CLICK HERE and select the various items under entry 15 to see the documents filed by the State.

The New Jersey legislature has also filed papers opposing continued suspension of the carry-killer law for the duration of the case and opposing the imposition of a new injunction on additional unconstitutional provisions of the law. Click the link above and select item 16 to see those papers.

ANJRPC's responses to both sets of papers are due on February 24. Please watch for further updates and alerts as the case progresses.​
Well offhand it sounds like all of these communists have their collective panties clearly in a bunch. It points a pretty big finger at their suitability to hold public office in the first place. Hopefully the judge will see this for what it is.
There's no definitive answer and I think that is intentional. You're afraid to carry because you know they will throw the book at you for some obscure violation that would be good sense elsewhere.
This worked well for them for many years in MD. Not sure post Bruen.
What’s the law in Va? I think open carry (no permit) and concealed carry requires a permit.
You are correct about Virginia. Open carry is legal statewide, concealed carry requires a permit.
I remember that you can have a gun on your front seat exposed and isn’t a problem.
But, if it’s covered, hidden under a shirt/jacket, etc. you are now in violation unless you have a concealed carry permit.
I have never heard of any instances where this has occurred, but it would not surprise me especially in the Northern part of the State up near DC.
"Up in the air" for the State to violate COTUS 2A.
A landlord cannot restrict your 2A rights in your "home". They can try, but landlord/State would quickly fail in the courts.
I am sure some crazy anti-2A lawyer moron will argue that a rental or lease is not a "home".
They get paid to argue.
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