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Originally posted by Wolfie:
Yea, I tried that. 2-00buck 4.5gr W231 in a 357 case. It is a little small .33 instead of .358. But it shot ok. I could keep them on the paper at 50ft. The funny thing was that they went down side by side not one after the other.

Speaking of silly things to NOT try at home. I also loaded no. 9 shot into a 357 case. I used starofoam (sp?) as a wad that I cut with the case from a cup. And bullet lube on top to keep the shot from falling out.

Kids, PLEASE DO NOT try any of this. I tested it from a Contender single shot pistol. It is not only a stronger gun, but you could also look down the barrel after every shot to check for obstructions.
Actually--in the 'Old' days it was common practice to load shot loads in 38/357 cases, but we used a 38 gas check seated by hand over the powder (Bullseye), put in the shot, then an inverted gas check held in by a heavy roll crimp to finish it off. Worked pretty well at short ranges on snakes, but was a pain in the butt to load. I never had any problem or concern with any barrel obstructions, nor did anyone else I knew. The foam you mention, on the other hand, could be worrisome.
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