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<Anyone done this? Where do you buy things like plunger springs, plungers, and assorted little things that Caspian doesn't sell? Would you recommend any place else for smaller parts like thumb safety, ejectors? They only carry .45 ejectors in carbon streel, black and I wanted the whole pistol stainless.>

Alright I usually use the Ed brown 1911 auto Rebuild kit it comes with every pin you need plus a mainspring spring and the plunger spring for only $15. I will only use Videki triggers and EGW sears. Thumb safeties are subjective, as are sights. I also like Ed Brown Match extractors and usually use gun show slide stops, after being inspected and Mic'd. and also gun show flat Mainspring housings. Good luck with your project and If interested I have a site with a little 1911 building info on it at. WWW.blindhogg.com
PS if you dont have a brownells catalogue get one tommorow at WWW.Brownells.com

Chris from va

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