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I agree with Mikey, 100%

I used hand tools to build-up my first 1911 project. I didn't totally start from scratch, as I found a great deal on a series 80 Gold Cup National Match top end as my starting point. I mated this to a stainless Caspian frame.

Parts used:
Caspian beavertail, slide stop, plunger tube and pin set
Les Baer mainspring housing
Wilson hammer, sear and disconnector
Nowlin trigger, sear spring, and all other springs
Chip McCormick thumb safety and mag catch
Colt NM barrel, firing pin spring & stop and extractor
Navidrex mahogony grips

This took way more time and fitting than I expected. I thought since the top end came complete, I wouldn't need to fit the barrel very much -- Boy was I wrong! It took quite some time, patience and lots of Kuhnhausen reading!!!
I had to lap the frame and slide together, the mainspring housing was way oversized and needed fitting, all of the trigger group needed fitting/polishing, stoning, etc. It definitely took patience.

I always wanted a Gold Cup, but I like beavertails and I also really like two-tone guns. Rather than buy a Gold Cup and customize it, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to build one "my way".

TackDriverm you can do this too. Take your time, READ, READ, READ!!! Kuhnhausen's books are a must IMHO. I think Capsian parts are top notch and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for more projects in the future.

Best of luck to you!

Byron Simpson
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