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If I were going to spend around $1000 and wanted an a Remington actioned .308, I would just muster $200 more and get a Remington Model 7 Custom KS. It weighs under six pounds - and I'd bet that McMillan supplies the stock. Such a rifle (it is put together by the Remington custom shop) is going to be accurate enough for just about anything. If you want to go hunting, it should be a joy to pack around, even with the addition of a nice Leupold or Burris scope plus mounts.

Unless you are planning on shooting more than a few shots at a time, like in competitions, a heavy barrel is more weight than it's worth. I think bull-barreled "sniper rifles" are really over rated. And if it is a hunting/SHTF gun you have in mind, I think the quality lightweights are the way to go.


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