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I once built a rifle that shot under 1/2 MOA. I did a lot of the work myself and had the good fortune to have a fine gunsmith nearby for the stuff I couldn't do.

Mauser 98 action (but any good action would do, I imagine)
Douglas Supreme barrel, free-floated
Canjar trigger
Fajen stock which I inletted and then glass bedded (the action only)

I finished the stock a little large. It gave the gun some weight and stability, sort of like the mount of a coastal gun, without putting the mass in the barrel, where I didn't want it.

That was some years ago. There may be some changes in what is really good in barrels and triggers and such, but that was one sweet-shooting rifle, and I worked up fast-stepping loads in two bullet weights - one would shoot just under 1/2 MOA and the other just over (9/16", to be exact).

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?

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