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Building an AR

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Ok thinking of building an AR any suggestions on reciever, level of difficulity fitting of parts etc. Looking at the bushmaster or the armalite for the reciever in a 223 or 243. Any thoughts
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The Rock River lower is clean, the pins all fit Very well. They work. There 2 stage trigger is nice. They use Wilson barrels in there kits.

depending what level of accuracy your looking for? MOA is not a poblem. for more you will need to go to A higher end barrel (read spend more)

Putting some AR 10's together, the factory 243 (1-10) barrel will not allow you to shoot the 107 bullet. not sure what your application is
but the 107 screams past the 1000 yd line at 1300 ish! so that is what we are looking at.
the wind at 600 is less of an issue with a bc of over .5

Interesting question?
if all the parts are "mill spec" what is the difference between a match rifle and a stock rifle? barrel and trigger?

geo ><>

had some trouble with the Jewel trigger in the big gun, using the Knights and under 2# is not an issue.
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