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BUL M5 info straight from BUL

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I can finally put an end to speculation about whether the BUL M5 and Kimber Poly are the same gun. YES! I had e-mailed Saul Kirsh who is the General Mgr of BUL in Israel with several questions about the BUL, here are the answers direct from Saul:

Yes-The guns are the same...BUL and Kimber DO HAVE a reciprocal parts agreement, Kimber gets frames, BUL gets slides, barrels etc.

Yes-BUL guns are no longer available in the USA do to an agreement with Kimber.

So there you go. If you are contemplating picking up a BUL, you now can do so with the knowledge that it is in fact, the EXCACT same gun as the Kimber. I would suggest you not wait either, When it's gone, it's gone.(I'm speaking about NEW BUL's of course)

Hope this ends any confusion.

"First, lets kill all the lawyers"
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