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Burns Custom new "Wave" review

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I had the pleasure of being a tester of this new innovation from BCP. Dane sent me the gun and as soon as I took it out of the box it just felt good in my hand. The gun itself is an awesome piece of equipment and everything on it is just perfect. The wave pattern is on the MSH and front strap.

When you tighten your grip hard around the gun it HURTS. I would rate it between 20 lpi and 30 lpi checkering as far as grip and this is after Dane softened it up. I have to say, pictures do not do this wave justice due to the 2D effect. It is much more pleasing to the eye in 3D.

I went to the range to do some out of the holster work with 300 rounds. The gun was oily (frame is still in the white and unfinished) but I did not wipe it off. I wanted to give the new texture a real test. I started with slow draws so that I won’t drop this oily gun and have Dane come after me with his Dobermans J. I was surprised at how well this texture griped my hand even with the oil! When you draw the gun and shoot it doesn’t feel like a wave or checkering it feels like a Dirt bike grip that just glues to your hand. It is hard to explain but once you tighten the hand around it, it won’t budge. All you have to do is let off pressure with the hand and it becomes slippery enough like a smooth strap to move around in the hand for mag change or grip adjustment from a bad draw (I had a lot of bad draws today breaking the 1 second).

Another thing I like about it is that it is a rough texture, seemingly it would be unaffected by hard use and abuse, unlike checkering that can get banged up.

To sum it up, I like this thing so much I am sending Dane my Kimber 40 to do a "Fed Wave 10" package on it. I think writing a check is the strongest endorsement of a product. Talk is cheap.



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Like I told you on TFL, the waves do look VERY nice but I can't see how they would hurt your hands. It just looks like fancy serrations.
I think the current turn around time is 2 weeks and Dane has a special price for a limited time.
The better grip IMO is due to the width of the cut, there is more room for the flesh to be pushed in and the corners of each groove are what grabs the skin.

You really have to hold one in your hand to feel how good it is.

Innovative yes,durable no doubt but nothing beats perfect checkering especially in the looks department.OCG1911
Just received an E-Mail reply from EB regarding the "wave cuts" posted above. I was interested in having it done on my Officers Model.

He said the cost is $225 for front strap and mainspring housing and $30 for the return shipping. He also said the turnaround time was 4 weeks.

Don't know if I want to be without my piece for that long. Check out his web site. The "Scalloped" front strap and MSH looks really cool with the cost being $140 and the turnaround time of 2 weeks.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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