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I was thinking about purchasing a simple mil-spec 1911 to add to the stable. When I visited my dealer last night, I discovered that he had a decent Colt 1991A1 in the display case. The tag was marked "as new". When I questioned as to this reference, I was told that the original owner had brought it in for a trade and had indicated that he had never used it. The clerk I was talking to indicated that the gun appeared to have been fired, but I did not notice any markings on the barrel that would indicate extensive use. In short, it appeared to have maybe a mag or two through it.

My question centers around the fact that it was an "old" rollmarked 1991. While I have read much on the NRM, I was wondering if there is anything to look out for, i.e. faulty parts, in the ORM version. The slide to frame fit is very, very loose, but I don't doubt that was intentional. Otherwise, the gun looked and felt fine. The asking price was $475.

A recent post asked for opinions comparing a NRM 1991A1 and a Springfield Mil-Spec. Since the dealer has one of these as well, I guess my question is really what is better, the ORM 1991 or the Springer? Any advice is, as always, appreciated.
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