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Buying a standard guide rod/plug?

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I'm sure that someone on the list can point me in the right direction. Does anyone know where I can buy a good quality standard guide rod with plug?

Thanks in advance.
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Brownells carries rods and plugs under the Colt factory parts section of their catalog.

http://www.brownells.com if you came in late.....LOL

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I replaced the FLGR that came in my full size Kimber with Ed Brown parts. Both the standard length guide and recoil spring plug were purchased from Brownells and fit perfectly. In my case there were no modifications or fitting needed.
Ditto the Ed Brown recommendation.
I bought mine from my gunsmith for $6.00 total.They always have them handy from all the other guys replacing stock parts with full length rods.tom.

Same as Deputy Tom, check the local shop for pull offs/swap outs, they are good deals.
Does anyone know if a standard plug/rod will work in a Kimber Compact CDP? That's Compact, NOT full sized. I despise that little tool thing you need to field strip it. I'd have to have a standard plug to tell if it will fit. Anyone tried it?

JohnCollins, your Kimber Compact has no barrel bushing (the barrel OD mates with the slide ID), so consequently there's nothing to retain a standard recoil spring plug in the slide. I think you're out of luck (so am I; I have a Compact also).

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