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Just my dos centavos. I possess a STI lawman 5.0. I certainly do not have any complaints about the gun or customer service. I am an old school shooter, and cut my teeth on an old GI issue 1911, colt. Carried an Ithaca while in the Marine Corps. So I am a thumb under shooter. Can't do it with the 5.0 out of the box. I did however, send it back to STI, and they did a little magic. My 5.0 is now very friendly to my thumb under style, and no engagement of the safety while shooting. I carry mine for duty. I do not particular care if my gun takes a little more effort to engage the safety. If I am going to a "safe" mode, then the crap is over with, and I can take a little more effort to make it safe. However, going from cocked and locked to fire, it is still buttery smooth. I personally do not know why STI 1911's are talked about as much as some of the others. I liked the 5.0 so much, that I actually picked up a 3.0 yesterday. Yes it will go back for a thumb under job. The 3.0 will be my off-duty, and generally all around carry. I have shot and carried colts, springfields, and even shot a taurus. Had a cousin that had a kimber. He sent it back to factory 4 separate times to get it to work properly. That to me is UN-acceptable. Have held a les bauer, and was really not impressed. The triggers on my STI's are pretty sweet out of the box. Of course, since they are going to be used for duty, and due to all of the wolves in lawyers clothing, there will be no mods to either of these, but once again, they work and run right out of the box. You can get a new in the box STI for the price you are talking about. Any other STI owner's out there???
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