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Buying my first 1911

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I am looking to buy a 1911. I have owned a sig 1911 for a short period of time, however it was sent back to sig and replaced with a rifle due to some pretty bad QC issues. So this time around I figured I'd join the forum and get the necessary information before spending a bunch of money.

I would like to spend less than $2k and preferably closer to $1500. I would like a full sized 1911, that will be used for Home defense and range. I've been able to find a few Dan Wesson's online that have gotten my attention, but I have never been able to handle one. any recommendations on other brands or specific 1911's that are made with quality parts and fitting?

So to start I should tell you guys what I already have. I have 3 Sig Sauers, I have a p220 match elite 10mm, a p220 in 45, a p229 stainless elite in 40. I think sig makes amazing products. With that being said, when I was shopping for my 1911 about a year ago I went with their "top of the line" 1911, The sig sauer 1911 Max in 45. Upon receiving the pistol it had an EXTREMELY loose slide to frame fit, it basically rattled. The rear sight was loose and would also rattle. The cocking serrations had horrible machining marks. Considering it cost me about $1400 I was pretty disappointed. I'm still a huge Sig fan, but since I had a bad experience with their 1911 line I wanted to explore other options.

In response to some of your posts, I already have a 10mm which I believe is hard to beat (and expensive to shoot), I'd prefer to stick to a 45 maybe even a 9mm. So I don't want a 10mm 1911.

I am open to target oriented 1911's as well considering I have 3 sigs that can be used for home defense. I like the idea of the les Baer, as well as many of the other suggestions I've read.
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Les Baer may be at the top of your price range, it would be, and has been my choice over a Dan Wesson. Owned both, still have the Les Baer. Colt series 70 is my other 1911 .45ACP. I've owned several 1911s, starting with a Springfield Loaded Longslide. Sold most, kept The Colt, STI 9mm, Les Baer UTC, and a SIG TME 9mm. Have a SIG RCS CCO .45, but it's on consignment at a local shop.
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