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For the price, Dan Wesson is hard to beat for fit and finish. If you're thinking of putting a light on for home defense, the Specialist is a good option. Otherwise I'd suggest a Springfield TRP or MC Operator and use the extra money for ammo.

I'am a big Springfield Armory fan boy . That being said USMC 1911 laid
it out very well . Dan Wesson is as close as you can get to a full custom
they are great pistols . Next on the list would be a Springfield TRP or
a loaded Mc Operator PX9110ML or LB Operator PX9105LL .



Any of these pistols will show you what you like and don't like about
1911's and you will know what to buy the next time , because they are
like rabbits once you go down this road they seem to multiply .
Grab a gun has good online prices .

Good luck in your hunt .
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