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Buying the First BHP

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What should I be looking for when I decide to buy a BHP?
Any particular Year, Model, and Manufacture to look for? What are some of the more desirable features?
with thanks
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I bought a used Browning Mk. III last year, and I think it as good as any. Although I'm a big fan of forged, as opposed to cast guns, the cast HP frame is supposed to be better than the older forged ones. The cast frames have a serrated effect around the magwell opening, so they are easy to recognize. The matte black finish has proven to be durable and easy to maintain, and while I don't really care for the white-dot sights, the ambi safety is a necessity. "Belgian Brownings", made by FN are the most desireable collector/shooters, but the "Made in Belgium, assembled in Portugal" guns are great shooters, and are less expensive. The Hungarian clones are a great value, but I prefer the orginal.

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I have a BHP "Standard" with the blue finish, ambi-safeties and dovetailed sights. Nice features to have versus the older guns, which had tiny sights and a tiny single-sided safety. Get the forged frame with the ripples on the mag well. I slapped a pair of black Navidrex grips on mine. It's at my gunsmith now being re-crowned, mag. safety removed, and a stronger (pre-Mk III) trigger return spring installed. Someday I'm going to have a nightsight installed up front (maybe an Ashley Express?) and call it a day. Great gun.

Mark III is nice. Try to get 1995 or later manufacture date. This almost ensures strong cast frame and slide with improved heat treatment.

BHP is very nice but I don't like how the white inserts go all the way to top of sights.

Then of course I only like custom BHP's (my pistol of choice)
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