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C-More sight questions

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I just placed an order for a C-More Serendipity sight for my STI open class gun. Do the sights come with the mounting screws used to mount it to the frame?

If not what type, size, and length screw are appropriate for the STI .830 wide, standard thickness dustcover?
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As far as I know they come with the mounting screws. I haven't had to order a new one for a few years, but the ones I have did come with screws
The C-More comes with mounting screws. They are 5-40 thread. You may need to trim them back a little so that they don't stick out the inside of the dust cover and rub the slide. Make sure you don't screw them down too tight you can crack the plastic mount. Hole pattern on the C-More is 3 holes on 0.750 centers on each side. What did you have on the gun before?

Bob Londrigan
Brazos Custom Gunworks
I had an Optima 2000 mounted on the slide. It has held up quite well but I had to change sights for sort of a weird reason.

I was having some FTFs with this gun (a 38 super STI). It turns out that what was causing it was with my high grip my left thumb was applying so much pressure to the slide that it slowed it down to the point where the round wouldn't chamber fully sometimes. I shoot with my grip this way with all my guns, but since the recoil spring on this gun is so light (and has to be, any heavier and it'll FTE) it was affecting the cycling of the slide.

I wanted a sight with a mount I could put my thumb up against and the C-More seemed a good choice.

Thanks all for the replies.
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