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C+S Sear Lever Installation

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I am considering getting the C+S sear lever that reduces trigger pull for my HP. It requires drilling a new hole in the slide for the pivot pin. Has anybody out there done this job? Will a basic drill press
work for this? Any other warnings about problems to be encountered?
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Hello, bountyhunter.

I have not done this nor tried any gun that it's been done on so I cannot intelligently comment.

I am going to move this thread to "Gunsmithing" in the hope that those more inclined to have this information will see it and help.

If you're not a 'smith,I'd suggest you don't try it.You need a good drill press with a good holding fixture,a very hard bit,and the right speed to do it right.

You ought to try the C&S trigger pull reduction spring kit first.It'll reduce the pull by about 2.5 pounds.If you add the wide combat trigger and combat-style hammer,it helps the trigger pull quite a bit,without possible heartaches.
bountyhunter, I tried one of these about 7-8 years ago when they first came out at a customers request. Found out it didn't make much difference in trigger pull, and did'nt like the extra hole in the slide either. I tell my customers to forget it.

Don Williams www.theactionworks.com www.pickagrip.com
Forget the sear lever it will give more creep than anything else. The hammer and sear work good though.

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