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Mike --

If you need to clean the inside moving parts of your Para Companion you don't need to detail disassemble it. Doing so risks the loss of little pins and springs. And you don't need to do this.

Leave the mainspring housing in the pistol and remove the thumb safety (just like any M1911) and the grip safety (which unlike other M1911s will just fall out once the thumb safety is removed). All the LDA parts are now visible and accessable inside the frame. Glug on the CLP, clean with a soft tooth brush, glug on some more CLP and blow all the crud out out with compressed air.

If you need to remove the mainspring housing (I put a matching grey Colt's Officer ACP in mine) rubber band the grip safety forward to keep the parts inside.

If you insist, though, search here for a link to detailed disassembly instructions. I have them. But I don't use them since I can do all maintenance without total disassembly. Do this in a clean room, it's not like a M1911 or Glock where you can do it sitting on a stump.

-- Chuck

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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