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Updated information is now appearing on the official web site http://www.tacr.us/

The Unofficial web site, http://rkba.members.sonic.net/ will be updated soon.

The official web site reflects that signature gathering might begin around
November 21, 2005 with a goal of qualifying the Initiative to
appear on the ballot for the general election in November, 2006.
Signatures can be gathered for 150 days during the drive.

NO SIGNATURE GATHERING can take place before the proper start date.
Also, DO NOT GATHER SIGNATURES until we have verified that the petition
forms are properly worded and formatted. I will provide further guidance
on this point as soon as possible.

There are actions to take RIGHT NOW.

1) WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! We need "County Coordinators" for most counties, and we need volunteer signature gatherers in all counties! Sign up on the unofficial site for now.

2) Identify the major places where signature gathering will take place.
Gun stores, firing ranges, sporting goods stores, etc. Encourage them
to have their employees gather signatures and/or allow
YOUR volunteers to gather signatures. Contact gun clubs or other
organizations. Encourage them to enlist a member to work with you.
My experience is that having a volunteer at a business gathering
signatures results in about FOUR TIMES as many signatures as relying
on busy employees. If a business is willing to be listed as a location
for petitions on the Unofficial web site, let me know and I will add it.

3) Acquaint yourself with the "Instructions for Gathering Signatures"
on the Unofficial web site. We don't want to lose valuable signatures
through mishandling of petition forms.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. The more successful of
prior drives have only fallen short by about 15% of signatures required.
We can easily make up for that by getting off to a fast start.
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