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I had previously asked what makes the Trophy Match the Trophy Match. I was told to purchase a different Springfield and then take a tactical shooting course. I have no doubt that the folks who advised me so are knowledgeable on the subject. But, if they wanted to help me, they could have answered my question instead of trying to force an opinion on me. I certainy mean no disrespect, but I see this happen over and over again on message boards. A new user asks a question such as, "What caliber Glock would you suggest" and someone with 8,000 posts answers by saying that they would not buy a Glock at all because they are junk. Does that really help the guy out? So, can anyone tell me....what features are found in the Trophy Match that are not found in the other higher end Sprinfields?

Thanks in advance,

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Jim Watson said:
When in doubt, read the catalogue:

Stainless Steel PI9140L
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 7+1
Barrel: 5", 1:16 LH
Sights: Fully Adjustable Target
Sight Radius: 7"
Size: 38 ozs., 8.5" overall length
Trigger Pull: 4.5 to 5 lbs.
Magazines: 2 with slam pad
MSRP: $1,409.00

From the picture, it can be seen to have adjustable rear sight, dovetailed front sight, checkered frontstrap, and mag well funnel. Those in addition to usual Loaded characteristics like ambi thumb safety, beavertail grip safety, double serrations, long drilled trigger, lowered ejection port, etc.

Thing is, I doubt the Trophy Match IS a "higher end Sprinfield." It is mechanically a Loaded with some extra "features" and lacks the fitted Nowlin barrel, milled internal parts, and fit and finish of the Distinguished Limited which it resembles in appearance but which costs almost twice as much.

What is it FOR?
Thank you for your answer. I've looked at the catalogue quite a bit actually. I could see the external features and was wondering if there were any INTERNAL features. I suppose the difference in price is made up with the Bomar TYPE rear sight, beveled mag well and front strap checkering huh?

You misunderstood what I meant by "higher end". I am talking the difference between a $500 GI to the $1100 Trophy Match. Then, there are some that are in the $875 ball park that ARE NOT THAT MUCH DIFFERENT from the Trophy Match EXTERNALLY. That is why I inquired to see if it came fitted with a Nowlin etc....

Not that what I intend to use the pistol for changes your answer any, butTte pistol will be used for standing still and shooting at targets in my spare time. 50 Yard bowling pins and silhouette targets from 40 to 100 yards. (pig, sheep, chickens, ram) I will probably put 250 through it a week. That is in addition to running the .22 and the AR15. Throw in some Curio and Relic rifles, and I get pretty busy at the range. I am buying the 1911 because I want it. Just trying to decide if the Trophy Match is "worth the extra money".

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I Asked Deb At Sa Custom Shop She Told Me That My Trophy Is A Hand Touched Pistol Using A Storm Lake Barrel Instead Of A Sa Stock Barrel It Has Been Deburred Internaly Also A Bomar Real Sight Instead Of A Sa. The New Trophy Match Has A Mag Well
Mine Did Not So Every Year They Change A Little To What Parts They Want To Work With. But The Answer To Your Question Is
The Trophy Match Guns Have Alot More Attention To Tuneing And More Expensive Parts Than The Loaded Or Target Models.

Thanks a ton, I guess that will be the best answer from the best source. I appreciate it very much !
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