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Can you tell me anything about this 1911?

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I’m looking to buy my one and only 1911 and there is this one at the used counter. The guy said its a special one. Can you tell me anything about this one? I’m stuck between buying a Kember and getting this Les Bear. I’m highly interested in this one but I’m afraid of buying it and something being wrong with it.
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No sir.

I'd sidestep that one....unless it was from a reputable smith that used quality internals.

Who knows what internals were used, or how they were fit, or how it is set up ?

No interest.

I avoid Kimber anything....personal reasons but they'll NEVER get another dime from me.

You want a "first" and "one and only" 1911.......save and invest in a high quality gun from a high quality manufacturer. It'll run well....or they will stand behind it and get it running well.

Forged fame, forged slide, high quality internals.....no junk. Well fit in all regards....will better ensure reliability, accuracy and longevity.

Buying something that is cobbled together by a hack and it will only end in frustration.
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