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I went to the Williams Associates carbine pistol training class on Saturday. Weather was on our side the sun was mostly out and the wind was negligible. We had a really good class, morning we did handgun drills, after lunch we went to carbine/transition drills. Brian Williams ran most of the drills one of his staff "Baghdad Dave" ran some really interesting loss of dominant arm/loss of support arm drills. I went through three hundred pistol and four hundred and somought 5.56.
Things I learned.
People who were never in the military have a hard time understanding the most simple orders and actually will argue with an instructor. One guy fired prior to the order and instead of just shutting up and paying attention he was debating the whole order process etc. It actually stopped the class for about ten minutes.

The rumor is true about people who have every gizmo in the world hanging off of the AR. The syllabus for the class said twenty five yards. There were guys with Eo techs magnifiers for the eotechs lasers and lights. During the one arm drills these guys may have rethought thier weapon systems. I wanted to tell them to actually learn how to use the battle sights but hey its thier nickel.

It really feels good to have a good eight hour training day coupled with some instructors who can evaluate and give you a fair assesment of mistakes, slogging around all day really analyzes the kit you carry and helps modify and improve.
Im very thankful this program is available relatively close to me and I can take advantage of a class every couple of months.
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