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Cartridge OAL HI CAP P14-45 Mag

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What is a good OAL for 200 gr LSWC bullets so they won't hang up in mags

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It depends on what powder your using how short you go.Check your reloading manual for the minimum oal.I use WIN 231 and load my 200gr SWCs around 1.200.they work fine in my hi-cap mags.
1.240" to 1.245" OAL works fine.

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I attended a match this past weekend in which I entered the Limited class. I proceeded to load the mags with the 200rds I reloaded the night before. Problem!

I loaded these 200gr Rainier TMJ's to 1.263" and had trouble loading more than 11-12 rds. The cases were actually denting! I figured the bullets were contacting the front of the mag body.

I had to change classes to Limited "10" because of this.
Mine are 1.245 and I never have problems with them hanging up.
Gee,you guys are going to give me a complex.I feel like I don't measure up.
Para mags are longer front to back than most others. I feel (but can't prove it) that longer cartridges feed better. I load my 200 gr. lswc to 1.250, 230 gr. lrn to 1.265 and 250 gr. lead truncated cone pin loads to 1.195.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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