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Caspian frame question???

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Hey all.I'm getting ready to order a Caspian frame.My question is-is the barstock frames worth almost double the cost of there cast frames?This will be a custom carry gun that I will be spending a good bit of change on.Is this an area that I should try saving $130 on?

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Can't answer about merits of bar stock receivers, but can say that I have absolutely no regrets with any of Caspian's investment cast frame. I have a hard time imagining the bar stock is that much better for $130.00 difference. I'm sure you'll be happy either way. I'd love to hear from anyone -w- experience -w- bar stock frames.
John Harrison

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I will stand behind John in line.
Caspian is a first class company!
We weld on guns a lot, some are porus.
Caspians are not. Go with the Cast frame.
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Thanks guys.Guess I'll get me the cast frame.What is the process behind investment casting?If investment castings make good frames then why do gun builders such as Baer,Wilson and others use the more exspensive forged frames?By the way,George,your the one building my gun.

how about this, invite Gary Smith over to comment on what he learned from the Browning people fn. cast vs froged frames.
also if Gary will share the casting company,
I believe they are world renoun.
Not sure that all mentioned are using forgings by the way? and thanks Metal Smith for your compliment, but I personally have never had to fix a hole in a caspian. In others YOU bet ya! but not in caspian.
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