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Found this on the USPSA classified site..if you are interested

.38 Caspian Mags
Bill Sahlberg L1283 writes...
I have 5 like new .38 Super 19 rnd factory Caspian mags for sale. $85 ea. or all 5 for $400.
Email: <[email protected]>
Spokane, WA USA
Fri Nov 10 15:03:48 EST 2000

Yeah it seems double stack mags are a bit more finicky when it comes to running. That said, I used to own two caspian IPSC guns and Once I cleaned the weld, polished the feed lips and replaced the springs, I had no problems. even with the 25 and 27 round mags. I had a Springfield armory p9 and it ran fine with good springs. Now I have two SV guns in super with several mags. Only one has given me any problems. OAL of reloaded rounds also seem to be a factor in the feed cycle. Unfortunately hi caps are a scarce commodity and just seem to be getting harder to find.The Caspian is a nice frame to build a project on. Good luck
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