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Caspian or Baer Frame & Slide?

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Im getting ready to build a 5" 1911. My goal, is to have a very tight, truly handfitted, and fairly custom 1911 setup made from the absoulute best materials available. This will not be a race gun, will only be used at the range, and will be chambered in .45. Attention will be payed to every detail. No corners will be cut. End price is not an issue. This will be the finest and most admirable pistol in my safe and will never leave my possession.
Up until the other day, the only thing I knew for sure is that I was going to start with a Caspian frame & slide. I somehow wound up on Les Baers website and saw that they sell a forged frame that is slightly cheaper than the Caspian Barstock frame. Baer also has forged slides. Caspian mentions their Barstock Slides as the basis for their Barstock frames but I saw no pricing for the slides.

So my question is this: Which is a better Platform for what Im trying to build? Baer forged frame & slide? Caspian Barstock frame & slide? Caspian frame Baer slide? Baer frame Caspian slide? Or is their something out there better than both the Baer and Caspian platform.

I probably should just sod it and buy an Ed Brown, but I really do want to see the thing come together piece by piece instead of making a call, giving someone a credit card number, and then waiting 6 months for it.

For anyone who has already read this post on the Caspian board, I apologize. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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First off if you were considering the Ed Brown I beleive uses caspian frames and slides to make his pistols. I spoke to Ed on the phone and he told me that he stopped using Baer frames and slide because there tolerances weren't up to hes specs.
I not sure if that is true or not but that's what he said!!???

Anyway, I am not a expert and I don't play one on TV but I feel you are really splitting hairs on the two. They both are excellent quality and would serve your purposes well.

Maybe someone with a more knowledge here can help a little more, however I will say that I own both Baer and Brown pistols and they are some of the nicest 1911 slides and frames I ever seen or shot.

ps. Enjoy making your 1911!!!!!

Steel is real.......

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Caspian has a better warranty than the Baer line. With Caspian you could choose your own serial number for just a little fee and they can engrave your name on it too. Since you are talking about a true keeper, I'd go with Caspian because of their warranty and custom options. The slides can be had with serrations and if you like 20 LPI then the frames have that option.

If you are building this pistol yourself then Baer has pre-fitted frame and slide combos. This could save you some time and aggravation.

Just my opinion but I would guess some of the more experienced builders of 1911's would know more on this subject. I would go with the Caspian if I were making a gun to last a lifetime and then be passed on to my children or other relatives.

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I have a scratch-built 1911 on Caspian parts. It shoots well. I have another gun with SA slide on Baer frame (long story.) It shoots well. My FLG who assembled both says he prefers Baer because they are closer to old Colt dimensions and contours while Caspian has drifted somewhat. He would like to get a look at Rock River parts or guns, they are getting a good rep.
Are you doing the work yourself or having it done? If you are hiring it built, get the recommendation of the gunsmith.
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