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Caspian ss slide fitting questions

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I just got a caspian stainless steel officers slide for my blued essex chopped frame. Its tight in every direction, so tight it only goes on about a fourth of the way before it stops. I have some JB compound, can i use that to lap it in without fear of galling? How tight can it be before i need to call in a pro to fit it? Would it be acceptable to make the first cycle action with a mallet?
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All I did when fitting my barstock S.S. slide and frame was oil the parts with something very good (I used S&W friction block) and push them together. My parts did not fit together at all when I started. No slide to frame movement at all now. Tightest fit I've ever seen and the slide will fall off the frame with gravity!

Galling shouldn't be a problem with dis-similar metal anyway.


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No need for a mallet. Is it a new frame? If so you will see where pressing the slide onto the frame with moderate force will wear away the bluing at the areas that need to be massaged. Clean up these areas and any machine marks on the frame rails using a fine file and /or a mild stone. Essentially you are removing the bluing. Break the sharp corners on the rails and clean them well to remove any dirt or metal particles. Now carefully remove any machine marks or burrs on the rails of the slide and clean them up. Use a small amount of a good gun lube and moderate force to work the parts back and forth. If the slide already goes on 1/4 the way this should be all you would need to do to obtain a nice fit. If it still hates to go on walk away from it and let us know.
Also, if the slide gets stuck on the frame you can tap it gently with a leather mallet to break it free. Do not force it and do not wiggle it! this tends to break off the little tab behind the safety notch.
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