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CCP: What happens if...

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Okay, so I'm not a LEO. Presuming that you 'think' you have concealed your pistol on your person, what happens if someone (another citizen) spots your carry 1911, especially if you're in a *very* public place.

I'd carry more often, however, I *am* afraid of having joe shmoe or jane shmoe cry out that "HEY - he has a gun!" phrase.

Now in some places this could induce panic or a riot - in which, correct me if I'm wrong, then this could bring a hefty $$$ fine on my part.

(Okay, so I've been to McDonald's where several feds hang out. They are in suits wearing their SIG's on a pancake holster - very proudly I might add. No one says a thing. So, is this possibly an over-reaction on my part?)

Just for the record, whenever I carry my 1911, I make sure it's damn secure and very well hidden.

Is this just a fear that we all have accept when we carry?

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Hi nick,

I assume you have a permit? If so, then there is really no problem.

I've been carrying 24/7 for eight years, mostly a Glock 19, but this summer I've made friends w/ the BHP and Government Model.

Even a 1911 is not visible if you have the right holster and clothing, and don't bend over too far.

I've had a gun spotted once in eight years that I know of. I was being VERY careless. It was a .38 snubby just shoved hastily in the pocket of my coveralls. Printed like crazy. The person's eyes nearly bugged out of their head, but they didn't say a word.

I think what the other people have said is right. Only a horse's ass would start yelling that you have a gun.

Don't worry about it too much. Strap on that .45 and make a commitment to carry it. You will soon get more comfortable with it, and develop a natural awareness that helps keep you from letting it print.

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