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CCP: What happens if...

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Okay, so I'm not a LEO. Presuming that you 'think' you have concealed your pistol on your person, what happens if someone (another citizen) spots your carry 1911, especially if you're in a *very* public place.

I'd carry more often, however, I *am* afraid of having joe shmoe or jane shmoe cry out that "HEY - he has a gun!" phrase.

Now in some places this could induce panic or a riot - in which, correct me if I'm wrong, then this could bring a hefty $$$ fine on my part.

(Okay, so I've been to McDonald's where several feds hang out. They are in suits wearing their SIG's on a pancake holster - very proudly I might add. No one says a thing. So, is this possibly an over-reaction on my part?)

Just for the record, whenever I carry my 1911, I make sure it's damn secure and very well hidden.

Is this just a fear that we all have accept when we carry?

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Hey maybe sojourn can help me out on this but i do believe that RCW states that your just fine legally unless you "purposefully make your firearm visible" or you have the intent to intimidate. since we all live in washington we should be able to sort this out pretty easy. fact is only a total horses ass would yell something like that because he *might* have seen a gun printing under your shirt. the fact is tons of working people wear multi-tools, cell phone holsters etc. i really dont see this happening. its never happened to me and ive been packing every day sometimes wearing only a tshirt over my kimber, for a year or so now. IF it does happen for god sakes dont say you have a gun or make it visible. just look around like your looking for the scary guy with the gun, and then go about your business ignoring the jackass hooting and hollering about seeing a gun.
thanks soujurn. Anyone ever actually caught a person packing concealed? i never spotted one and i know theres lots of us out here.
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