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CCP: What happens if...

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Okay, so I'm not a LEO. Presuming that you 'think' you have concealed your pistol on your person, what happens if someone (another citizen) spots your carry 1911, especially if you're in a *very* public place.

I'd carry more often, however, I *am* afraid of having joe shmoe or jane shmoe cry out that "HEY - he has a gun!" phrase.

Now in some places this could induce panic or a riot - in which, correct me if I'm wrong, then this could bring a hefty $$$ fine on my part.

(Okay, so I've been to McDonald's where several feds hang out. They are in suits wearing their SIG's on a pancake holster - very proudly I might add. No one says a thing. So, is this possibly an over-reaction on my part?)

Just for the record, whenever I carry my 1911, I make sure it's damn secure and very well hidden.

Is this just a fear that we all have accept when we carry?

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I'm guessing you're fairly new to carrying. I know most feel that way right at the start, since it seems so obvious to you. Try wearing it among friends and family to see if anybody notices. You'll probably find that unless they are looking, they won't notice.

Put on your gun, walk into the kitchen and say "Honey, in a couple of minutes I'm going to put on my gun and see if it shows". Then help around the kitchen a few more minutes and then leave. Come back after pretending to put it on and see if they notice it. If she didn't see it when you were there the first time, you're fine.
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