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Ok here folks..1911ZenShooter here with my first post with the 1911fourm. Great site!
Well, I have a full sized Kimber Custom Stainless 5'', which is a work of art. After buying it, I have no need for another full sized 45. BTW, my Kimber needed no smithing or improvments (a $1500 gun with a $700 price tag!!). Simply impeccable. That said, I needed a carry pistol, in of course, .45ACP (why carry anything else?). I wanted a smaller 1911 clone with a hi-capacity, so a Para P1245 Duo-tone fit the bill. Pd $650.00!! Since then, had the sucker trimmed with Trijicons, re-parkerized, Wilson; ambi-safety, hi-rise beaver tail grip safety, hex-screws, and a bitching action job by the local smith (thanks Keith!). Now I'm in for about a grand, only to find it leaves a bit to be desired. Now I'm thinking of going 4'' am seriously considering the Springfield Champion (saw one for [email protected] the local GS)-or- the Kim Pro Carry ($950). There's about a $200 difference, anyone own both?? Can anyone sell me on the Champion? All comments welcomed...

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