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I own a 2002 loaded parkerized champ and a 2001 V-10 loaded. Both are great shooters. However, I had to "fix" both the pistols to be reliable. The v-10's chamber was not machined right... the gun would jam (slide would not close) on every other round. I had to burr out the barrel's chamber where the bullet contacts the the actual barrel rifling. It is hard to explain. It is fixed now. It shoots great, little recoil.
Both are good carry pistols. The champ is better at carrying at night and in vehicle since it has night sights and no ports. But for extreme conceal carry (under shirt etc, ) , then the v-10 is good because of small size and low recoil. I would purchase what you are comfortable w/ shooting.
Good luck


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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