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Change from short to long trigger . . . ?

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Buddy of mine is thinking of selling his Concept VII. Shortly after receiving it, he returned it to Les Baer to have the stock trigger replaced with a short trigger. He does have the original trigger. I'm thinking of buying the gun, but I need a long trigger.

I assume the original trigger is a long trigger since he returned it to have a short trigger installed. How much trouble it would be to remove the short trigger and replace it with the long?

I've owned 1911's for years, but have never gone beyond the basic takedown required for cleaning. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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The trigger is the very last part to come off/out of the gun.. I recomend the video armorer`s course from (AGI) American gunsmithing institute, on the 1911.. (707)253-0462... It`s something like $30.. They may have a website, i`m not aware of..


Roger . . . I read the detailed disassembly procedure on another website; and looks like almost total disassembly is required before you remove the trigger assembly . . . so, may look for some help on this one.
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You might have to fit the trigger to the frame somewhat. I did it to mine some time ago, It's not difficult but does require knowing where to remove metal to keep a nice wiggle free trigger. The wiggle doesn't affect safety but does not make for as nice a trigger feel.

Marty U.
Got it done . . . wasn't too bad; and the trigger was a good fit since it had previously been installed in the Concept VII. Works fine and definitely the slickest working .45 I own, compared to a Wilson-enhanced Colt Series 70, a Series 70 Gold Cup, and a :( Kimber Pro CDP.
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