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Changing hammer and sear from 1911a1 to commander

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Moving hammer and sear from 1911a1 to commander

Is it possible to change parts from a series 80 fullsize 1911 to a series 80 commander? Or series 70 to series 80? The problem is with the sear hammer lockup or sear spring, I think. After each round the hammer follows the slide and catches on the half cock. NOT COOL!! I was thinking about replacing one piece at a time to see which part is the problem, but wasn't sure if the parts are interchangable.

Thanks to all for the help,

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It may be as simple the sear/hammer spring fingers being bent " too " light. I'm far from a gunsmith, but I had the same prob of hammer follow. Tweaking the fingers may solve your prob. Ask one of the resident "Smith's" here on the forum, they may be able to help. Or take it to a local reputable smith and have them diagnose the prob. Mine was diagnosed in about 2 mins. Didn't cost me anything and gun functions perfect. Tracy
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