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Changing Mainspring

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Hi all,

Since there is such a wealth of knowledge floating around in the heads of the members of this forum, I thought I'd ask another question:

I'm changing out the springs on the Sistema before I take it out, but I'm having a problem getting to the mainspring. I've tried removing the MSH pin that keeps the MS cap in place, but the cap and spring don't come out.

I think it may have to do with the fact the top of the MSH is slightly dented at the top of the channel, but I wanted to make sure that the spring and cap should in fact come out when the top pin is removed before I try filing away the dented metal.

There is another pin at the bottom of the housing that runs side to side (instead of front to back like the pin at the top), but the disassembly instructions at m1911.org don't mention it. Should this pin also be removed when disassembling the MSH?

Thanks for your help,
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Spork, the bottom pin should be holding in the lanyard loop and does not need to be removed.

The top pin has to come out before the plunger and spring are removed. Be sure the spring et al are depressed before trying to remove the top pin and that you control the release of the plunger and spring after the pin is removed. Plungers can be launched and they find places to hide that you would never think of.

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Then it must be the dented MSH, because when I remove the top pin, the plunger comes up a little (past the pin hole), but doesn't come all the way out. At least now I know that what I'm doing *should* be working.
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