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The folks on here have shared so much with me over the past few months, I wanted to contribute something. The old pros won't get much from this, but it's something that might help a newbie become an old pro a little faster. In running a progressive loader, I consider a digital scale indespensible. You can use the same process with a balance beam scale, but it's not as easy or accurate. Here's how I adjust my charge to negate metering errors.

I never weigh the first two charges after I change the meter setting. I also zero my scale and check it's calibration before starting. Remember to turn it on and let it warm up for 10 minutes prior to weighing. Fill your measure hopper about 1/4. This allows the powder you're dumping back during the weighing process to be loaded first off.

Start by getting in the ball park for the load you want. Make progressively smaller changes until you get the scale to read your charge. Then, throw another charge and add it to the first while still on the scale. It should read as a double charge, but it may be off by a tenth or so. Then throw another charge and add it to the first two. It should read as triple your desired charge. It probably won't. This is because your charge setting is likely be off by hundredths, and that will only show up with multiple charges. You are now ready to make a minute change to your meter setting and start the whole process over again. Remember not to weigh your first two thrown charges after changing the setting. Once you get three charges that equal three times your desired setting, you're about done. However, I always throw three more, adding them one at a time to the scale to duplicate my first test results, just as a verificaton.

Now you're ready to start production with confidence that you've got the charger throwing the correct charge. Fill the hopper up and dump the first two charges after filling. Test periodically during production. I don't generally use larger flake powders because they don't meter well. Stay safe.
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