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Cheapest Source for Wilson mags?

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Where can I get them the cheapest? Who sells them other than direct from Wilson Combat?
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If you can qualify for the trade discount at Brownell's, they go for $20.96 each. That's about as cheap as I've seen them. Last year Natchez had a sale @$19.99 each and I bought 10. Good luck :)

I agree with Tim B that www.Natchezss.com often has Wilson mags (7 and 8 rounders) on sale well below MSRP. Unless you are in a hurry, be patient and check their website on a regular basis (every day or two). Their stock often goes quick when it is on sale.
I you are Active Duty Military or Retired Military and you fax a copy of your ID card to Wilson, they give you 30% off on parts. Only parts - not weapons.


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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