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Chip McCormick 8-rd......

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I just got my SA 1911A1 their basic . I love it. I also got five of the stainless 8rd cmk magazines. Here is my question. Four or them are great but the fifth one will not fall out when I hit the mag. release. It sticks in there and I have to reach up there and pull it out. This is not good for IDPA matches I suspect....I am getting ready to start shooting the IDPA matches and I wan't my stuff to work right. Any ideas as to how to fix it. The rest of them work great.
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Measure it, using a micrometer..to see if it out of spec side to side or front to back. If so, try giving it a slight squeeze in a vise. If this allows the mag to go in and out..Then load it up and make sure nothing binds inside..go easy..it won't take much.

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Pay particular attention to the mag's lips. Some have a tendency to spread. Use the micrometer on a mag then works, then compare the width at the lips (O.D.) to the one that's hanging up.
This technique is widely known and perhaps widely used but if you are not familiar with doing it, you may ruin your magazine (and warranty).

I believe that I would notify the dealer that sold them to me NOW that I was having this problem and that with their approval, I wanted to see if it was a self limited problem or not. Then if they agreed, (their alternative is replace it now), I would use the magazine for a while. Some break in is usually required on new equipment
. If the problem didn't resolve (but it probably will) I would return it to the dealer for a replacement (let him do the vice trick).


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I have used shooting stat mags for years and they are first rate. Whenever I get one that doesn't eject smoothly I just place it between two pieces of 2/4s and wack it with a hammer. Not too scientific but it always works.


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Thanks everyone. Mike...Your 2*4 suggestion cleared it right up.. Thanks.
Rays Rules for Precision:
1) Measure with a Micrometer
2) Mark with Chalk
3) Cut with an Ax

Or in this case Whack with a Hammer.

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