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Christmas Karma (free grips!)

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The following is my take on Good Karma,except it's for Christmas! The difference between this and regular Good Karma is,if you win,you win. That's all,no further obligation. So I guess it's really just a give-away.

Anyway,up for grabs today is a set of Black Diamondwood grips!

The picture isn't the best,sorry. Because of the checkering you'll think they are black,but if you hold them next to solid black grips you can see the difference.

All you have to do to be in is say "I'm in," or "Sounds good," or "Sign me up,sport," or something to that effect. I was going to ban the mods from this because they have their own deal going on:p but heck,it's Christmas. On Christmas Eve I will put the names of everyone who entered in a hat and let my wife's dog pull one out. Before she eats it I will read the name and post the lucky winner on Christmas! Good luck,good shooting,and merry Christmas!

Oh,I forgot...this can't be your first post. No free stuff junkies. Sorry.
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1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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