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Chrome lined barrels?

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Has anyone tried the chrome lined barrels from Numrich Gun part corp (~$65). I have heard that chrome is more resistant to corrosion. My primary concern is barrel life since chrome can be prone to flaking.

please comment...
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I have shot a lot of ammo through chrome lined barrels, no problems as of yet. I can not comment on the quality of teh Gun parts barrels however.

Chrome lined used to be USGI issue. FWIW

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A good percentage of your premium barrels are 400 series stainless - so corrosion resistance is not much of a problem.

Chrome lined barrels are commonly used in AR's. Haven't heard of flaking before on quality barrels. Bushmaster has been doing it for a long time IIRC.

So I would imagine that if its done right the chrome should hold up fine. As in all things, a lousy job will not hold up.
My understanding was that hard chrome (that lines barrels) is way different from the decorative type chrome that would flake off, as on a car bumper. It is not deposited as a surface treatment like say paint but will actually bond to base metal. My Norinco hard chrome barrels are as smooth and shiny as they were almost ten years ago when I bought the gun...

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I have inspected thousands of chrome lined barrels from 45ACP to 40MM machine gun barrels. It won't flake.
Agreed! I've cut and crowned many chromed barrels. The trick is to go slow, feed carefully, and keep a sharp lathe bit. I'venever seen one flake due to cut/crown job.
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