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It has returned! Pics are also in the photo thread.

I sent my formerly blued Pointman to Gemini Customs,and lookit what he did! It went from being a stock Pointman to a work of art. Here's a rundown of the big stuff:

- Scale frontstrap(snakeskin)
- Bobtail frame
- Ed Brown bobtail housing(snakeskin)
- Briley spherical bushing - I asked for a new bushing,and this is what I got.We'll see if it's any better than normal.Looks cool anyway.
- Mild frame and slide dehorn
- Blend grip safety and slide heel
- Hardchrome entire pistol

Also replaced some small parts when he did the frame work.You can look at the pictures,but they don't so this fine pistol justice. I love it.


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Beautiful gun. I particulary like the snakeskin scaling on the front and rear strap. Hard chrome is cool too. By the way how much does hard chroming cost?

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Nice. Who's grips she wearing?
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