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This will not work. I had to do the above because of the fluorescent lights in the shop were messing with the chronograph. You can't tell because they do it so quickly but fluorescent lights actually turn on and off and this will mess up chronograph readings. The light needs to be incandescent, Or might even give LED's a try if my first try above wasn't so easy and happened to work.

For just daytime use I might try a sheet of this and make one giant "sky screen".


If you pick a cloudy day just set your chronograph out there, no need for the screens.
Even an electronic ballast fluorescent flickers.
It may be 20,000 per second (or even higher) but that is not going to work with a photo screen system.

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OK, I think I got her working with just the bed sheet stapled to the ceiling. A new battery and this is something I knew from before, but it just wasn't in my mind at the time, if the chronograph is set too high, such that the pick ups are too close to the travel of the bullet it gets kind of erratic. I must have been shooting just about two inches over the top of the pick ups. Good thing I didn't put one though them. I lowered the chronograph a good two to three inches and now everything is copacetic. Still think I'll get those white fiberglass roofing panels and tack those up there in place of the bed sheet.

Thanks everyone for the input.

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Didn't know where to post his question but I figured more people that reload/hand load would use a chronograph. I want to set up my chronograph outside my basement window so I can shoot from inside. It's cold here in the UP of Michigan. The chronograph will be under a roof. I am worried about light pick up. I plan on taking a bed sheet and tack it to the ceiling of the over hanging roof and shine a flood light up onto it with the chronograph underneath.

Do you think this will work?

Do you think it is necessary?

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Ohler 35P chronograph.


Shooting Chrony has a light kit for their chronographs that allows use indoors or where you can't get sunlight. They work very well. I have my F1 Master set up that way in my basement test rig. I don't know if Oehler has a similar set up available, or if the Shooting Chrony rig could be adapted for use with it, but it would be worth investigating.

The best outdoor lighting is bright overcast, so the sheet idea will probably work. I would be sure the flood is the same color temperature as outside light for best contrast just to be on the safe side.

I would also recommend the Magnetospeed Sporter. That will eliminate the need to have an outdoor chrony, lighting problems, etc., and it is extremely accurate and reliable. With the little attachment block, you can dump the shot string data to your smart phone or tablet. My F1 Chrony has been relegated to the test setup. All my range chrony use is now with the Sporter.
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