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classic custom metal

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Does anyone know what type of metal the classic custom is made of? Is it possibly stainless steel under the finish, or carbon steel, etc?
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I had a major problem with Kimber concerning this problem a few months back. Dennis at the custom shop assured me that almost ALL matte black Kimbers are now made with stainless frames. They do not track which is which by serial #'s either. This is NOT a rumor. I had one and was told that that was the way they were made. I sent it back and the sent me a Royal after I paid $125.00 extra to them and waited 2 months. I called last week for my friend who is in the market for a base model Kimber to be customized and reblued. The Custom shop said that they have not changed there policy and are still making them with stainless frames. I think this is very bad business. There are thousands of people who buy base model 1911's with the intention of rebluing them or who just want a carbon gun for other reasons. They are losing this whole market share.
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