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Cleveland Gunsmith ?

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Two (2) things,

About a year ago I picked out a 1927 sistema for my brother. It is a very nice shooter as I shoot better with that(I'm proud to say a gave it a good "tuning" before he got it), than my favorite loaded model with a nice tight fit.

Anywho, it is his primary HD weapon and wants to get some decent sights for it. Trouble is, I can order (as a gift) what he needs from the catalog, but don't know of any decent pistolsmiths who could put them on.

Therefore, does anyone know of a decent shop/smith in my area (Cleveland, OH) who could competently install them?

Secondly, He (my Bro) thinks there is great collector value in the peice (an airforce model, all original, including 95% finish, and aparently never fired much, just a bit of holster wear).

Would it even be wise (financialy) to have the slide worked on?

I told him it really does not matter as they are nearly a Dime a Dozen (yea I know, thirtysix hundred a dozen).

BTW: I tried some old guy hack at a range off I-77, he shafted me. So, please don't recommend him (if you're from around here you know whom I am speaking of).

Thanks in advance,

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I'll vouch for Scott Mulkerin at SDM. He's located in Medina and is an awesome smith. I own one of his full house custom 1911's and have seen several of his pieces. If it helps, I know that Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn both think he's top notch.
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