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CLP on 1911's -- good enough by itself?

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I'm (finally) switching to nothing but CLP for my AR15's. Good cleaning properties and you don't have to worry about clearing away harsh cleaning products. It also leaves a coating of teflon behind -- the longer it's used the thicker the layer of teflon. At least that's the theory. And those in the know over on AR15.com swear by nothing else.

Does the same theory hold true on 1911's? Why is it that more people don't use strickly CLP for the Cleaning, Lubricating and Protecting of their 1911's? Is it that CLP, while good, is surpassed by some of the other choices out there (such as Wilson Ultima Lube)?

I would LOVE to get rid of the Hoppes #9 (or at least only use it occassionally) and just boresnake and scrub with CLP. I could finally go back to taking more than one or two guns to the range and not have to spend all night cleaning them.