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A reasonably local privately-owned range became a club recently so I finally got to join up and now have a nearby place to shoot for one yearly low price.:)

Warning: The rest of this post rambles on with either several points, or no point at all. Continue if you like, or not if you don't.

Went to my orientation Sunday afternoon, paid my money, then shot a fat box of ammo through my Commander. Yep, I need to practice, one of the many reasons for joining.

Next ran my first 10 rounds through the K31 Swiss. Yep, everybody said I would like it, they were right. Another reason for joining.

Been reading reload info for quite a while. That's gonna be part of my "Extra Duty" check from work along with a complete carry rig for the Commander (if you're listening Larsen, I have a plan, expect to hear from me as soon as the money's in the bank). Another reason for joining.

Went again earlier this evening with the boy child and he finally got to try out my 10/22 with the stock I cut down for him. Not much time before dusk but he still managed to squeeze 60 smilie/happy rounds through it. While I packed up he policed his brass and picked other people's left-behind trash, without being asked. He's only been to a range twice before, but he knows you pick up your brass, and he knows that wherever we go we leave it nicer than it was when we got there. Always proud when he does it on his own. Yet another reason for joining, it's the girl's turn next.

Secret Santa is getting rolling at work, they sent around a list of "Favorite Things" for you to fill out so whoever doesn't know you but gets you name knows what you like. Some of you may do this kind of thing too. How many of you, I know you're out there, wrote Hoppes #9 as your favorite fragrance?

I'm done now, y'all have a safe & happy one.

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