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Hey Rick --
What is the designation for the red & yellow, eagle carrying a carbine you show. The officer who swore me in to the Army on Valentine's Day, 1955 wore that patch on his right shoulder. Obviously he was a combat vet of either Korea or WW II or both. Ed
Ed, the patch is the old US Navy Amphibious Serivce insignia.
I use it as my avatar, as I served in RVN in an Amphibious Unit (Phibron 3, USS Tulare (AKA-112) 1965 - 1967). My unit never wore that patch, it having been phased out some years prior to my service. I just shamelessly adopted it "because I like it", we were never issued such an interesting patch.

"Set Condition One Alpha".....boats in the water. Navy PBR coming up alongside

Preparing to hit the beach in RVN one early morning. Marines and Army Armored Cav Units.

OT: We were always told to carry our 1911's in Cond 3. As soon as we hit the water, virtually all who carried a 1911 chambered a round and re-holstered their weapon. When the SHTF some silly reg dreamed up by some pencil neck nerd back in The World who had never seen one grain of sand on an enemy beach is not the guy you want looking out for you in a combat zone.

And Ed, thank you for your service.
1 - 2 of 171 Posts