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"Cocked & locked" with gun in hand

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When discussing "cocked & locked" carry, most folks only talk about drawing and holstering the gun. Well what about when you already have the gun in your hand but you're not yet ready to fire? Do you only take the safety off when you see a threat and your finger moves to the trigger, or is the safety off as soon as the gun leaves the holster?
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Unconscious competence (as shootist87122 stated) of your draw stroke, including thumbing off the safety, requires NUMEROUS repetitions to be reflexive. Regular dry-fire practice will help develop it.

After the "grab and lift" steps, and as your gunhand comes up on target (either one-handed or as your support hand mates with your gun hand), or if you are presenting to the "ready" position, that's when you thumb off the safety. Finger on trigger when sights are ON TARGET - finger off trigger when sights are OFF TARGET. Thumb the safety on right before you reholster.

Hope this helps.
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