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colt 10rd mags

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What kind of 10rd mags should I look for at the gun show for a 70's series government model?
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I have had good luck with Wilson's 10 round mags. I hear good things about Chip McCormicks also.
is there a certain model made for the gov or will any 1911 mag work?

If you have the 5 inch model the Wilson's and mcCormicks are made for it. They have a stop welded on the mag body that prevents over insertion. They are listed as being for a full size 1911.
I bought one 10rd mag and the thing wouldn't work went in too far like you guys were talking about.
Well I bought a pro mag 10 rounder new for $12 it seems to work pretty good with some dummy reload rounds but the stop on the mag for over insersion won't work because of my Magizine well so I will have to do some custom work it doesn't really seem like a problem though.
well I shot it today put about 150 rounds threw the old government model jammed twice with the 10 rd mag at the beggining but after that it worked great what makes them jam on the 9th round thats when it seemed to do it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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