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Colt 1991 Commander Pre-Fit Busing...

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I am considering a 'drop in, pre-fit' barrel bushing from WCPI called "Angle Bored Bushing." Brownells part number 296-410-120/020. Can someone tell me what my chances are that this part will fit w/out any fitting? Thoughts welcome...
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I can give you a pretty good idea

the od of the commander bushing is .7015 +/- .0005 if you have a calper to measure your slide the hole is "probably" .701.

The Od of "most stock colt barrels is .5785
(colt, para) so the .580 allows the barrel to grow and not bind up.

The angle bore of the bushing (bored at the angle of lock up and relieved when not in battery) keeps the barrel from springing.

If your gun is around this size it should be a minor fitting of the lock where it catches in the slide. As all gun vary we setteled on .117 from the face of the bushing to the grove inside the slide that locks it in place.

The best gauge I can offer you is that we have sold several thousand angle bore bushings and have had less than 10 returned.

if your slide is BIG we have special bushings in stock to handle large hole slides.

hope this helps
geo ><>
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